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Stumbling Through KMDB with New Hardware

Recently, I refreshed my home workstation from an AMD X-2 based system with an ASUS A8N socket 939 motherboard to a brand spanking new Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K based system with a Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3 motherboard.  Debian Squeeze runs lightening fast!  … Continue reading

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“Wait… is that billions?”

Ironically, after yesterday’s post about Oracle’s caviler attitude toward dealing with communities built around open software, a piece of died-in-the-wool proprietary software stepped out of Oracle’s (ever growing) stable of software, neighed a couple of times, stamped it’s feet and kicked … Continue reading

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Oracle-ish Anxiety

For the past year, I have suffered from what I’ve churlishly dubbed as Oracle-ish Anxiety.  It’s the feeling that at any moment, Oracle may greedily yank a technology that I depend upon, kicking and screaming, from the clutches of the public domain. OpenSolaris … Continue reading

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