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Apache 2.4.10 Abort (core dumped) on SmartOS 20140919T024804Z

Update: Just a few hours after posting this, Joyent committed the fix to the Illumos kernel on github.  Kindly, Mike Zeller informed me of that fact on Twitter.  I love the internet and open source software. Original post: Recently, I … Continue reading

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Install ZFS on Debian Testing (Jessie)

I’ve been using ZFS on Linux  to provide ZFS functionality on Linux for sometime now.  I first became attached to the feature set of ZFS while maintaining Sun Solaris systems a few years ago.  I mostly manage a variety of Linux … Continue reading

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A Git User in a SVN World

I’ve been using git as a part of my development workflow for several years now.  The past ten years or so have been a slow progression from subversion to mercurial to git.  I really like all the features that git … Continue reading

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Site Offline

Oops, looks like my blog has been offline since Sunday, August 26th.  It appears that my Amazon EC2 instance went offline shortly after the year free time limit.  The credit card I originally used to create the instance (you need … Continue reading

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Barriers to Entry for DTrace Adoption

Yesterday, at dtrace.conf, Jarod Jenson gave a presentation on why he thinks dtrace has not seen greater adoption by system administrators across the spectrum of varied IT departments around the world.  (Jarod starts his presentation at the 40 minute mark.)  At the … Continue reading

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My Illumos Development Workflow

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to setup a development workspace to tinker with Illumos builds as they come rolling hot off github.  Ideally, I’d prefer to code on my laptop (macbook), build on my server (orion), and test on … Continue reading

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Installing KVM and Creating a Debian VM in OpenIndiana 151a

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) was developed in Linux as a very speedy in-kernel virtualization solution that takes advantage of Intel’s VT and AMD’s V technology. Recently, it was ported to Open Solaris derived operating systems such as Joyent’s SmartOS and … Continue reading

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Wow… Seriously awesome!

For experiment sake, I decided to duplicate my newly created RHEL session using ZFS.  My Fedora and RHEL virtual instances each live on their own zvol.  As you can see below, each VM has a zvol named disk0: # zfs … Continue reading

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Installing RHEL 5.5 and Fedora 13 in OpenIndiana 151a KVM

KVM is really quick on my VT enabled Dual Xeon 5506 system running Open Indiana 151a. I have to say this is very nice work by the Open Indiana / Joyent / Illumos teams!  Here’s a screen shot of RHEL … Continue reading

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Compiling Illumos in OpenIndiana 151

My primary Illumos build workstation is a new-ish Core i5-2500K.  To begin tinkering with the Illumos kernel, I installed Open Indiana 151 using the dev-il repository.  The build process works great on OI-151 up to the point where you upgrade … Continue reading

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