Life @ 40 Inches in California

This past Christmas (2011), my son Alex received a Fischer Price digital camera.  At the time, Alex was only 2 years old.  My wife, Sara, and I were preparing for our move to California and had our hands full.  The move was hectic, of course, and unbeknownst to Sara and I, Alex was busy snapping pictures.  Granted, many of them were accidental, but I was surprised to find he had taken nearly a thousand (899) pictures between Christmas 2011 and July 2012.

Going through the pictures this afternoon has been an interesting experience for me since I get a rare opportunity to see a significant life adjustment through the eyes of my young son.  Here are a few shots I think capture everyday aspects of our new Cali life.  As far as I’m aware, Alex took all of these pictures.  There may be some where he cajoled a family member to take a picture but they’re few and far between.  He regularly lets us know this is his camera.  Without further ado…

Our Protagonist, Alex Grafton


Mommy's Computer

Packing, Spiderman MUST go on the plane

On the plane at the airport with Mommy


Grandma flew to California and brought the dogs shortly after Alex and Sara flew in


It must be terribly boring in the car seat


He had the camera on the TV stand and was snapping pictures over and over again. Seriously, there are like 100 of these.


This is me coming home from work.

Uncle Matt went kite flying with us in Mountain View!


Tiny Toddler Feet!


Alex got a few pictures of Sara and I at Golden Gate Park. Here's a great one of Sara!


Walking the dogs. We're in an apartment now and have to walk the dogs twice a day. Alex likes to take his camera along.

Riding in the car with Daddy, a common occurrence.

Riding in the car with Mommy, also a common occurrence.

Busted! Mommy says McDonald's is a sometimes food. However, Alex and I needed to get our McNugget on!

Moral of the blog post, if you have small children, buy them an indestructible digital camera and let them loose.  They may not be into it but if they are, the results are wonderful and surprising!


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