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Apache 2.4.10 Abort (core dumped) on SmartOS 20140919T024804Z

Update: Just a few hours after posting this, Joyent committed the fix to the Illumos kernel on github.  Kindly, Mike Zeller informed me of that fact on Twitter.  I love the internet and open source software. Original post: Recently, I … Continue reading

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Barriers to Entry for DTrace Adoption

Yesterday, at dtrace.conf, Jarod Jenson gave a presentation on why he thinks dtrace has not seen greater adoption by system administrators across the spectrum of varied IT departments around the world.  (Jarod starts his presentation at the 40 minute mark.)  At the … Continue reading

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Installing KVM and Creating a Debian VM in OpenIndiana 151a

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) was developed in Linux as a very speedy in-kernel virtualization solution that takes advantage of Intel’s VT and AMD’s V technology. Recently, it was ported to Open Solaris derived operating systems such as Joyent’s SmartOS and … Continue reading

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“Wait… is that billions?”

Ironically, after yesterday’s post about Oracle’s caviler attitude toward dealing with communities built around open software, a piece of died-in-the-wool proprietary software stepped out of Oracle’s (ever growing) stable of software, neighed a couple of times, stamped it’s feet and kicked … Continue reading

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Oracle-ish Anxiety

For the past year, I have suffered from what I’ve churlishly dubbed as Oracle-ish Anxiety.  It’s the feeling that at any moment, Oracle may greedily yank a technology that I depend upon, kicking and screaming, from the clutches of the public domain. OpenSolaris … Continue reading

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