Compiling Illumos in OpenIndiana 151

My primary Illumos build workstation is a new-ish Core i5-2500K.  To begin tinkering with the Illumos kernel, I installed Open Indiana 151 using the dev-il repository.  The build process works great on OI-151 up to the point where you upgrade the system via the onu script.  I didn’t realized it was an issue until I ran into trouble after a reboot and went to test my modifications.  None of my changes showed up!

I am debugging a particularly nasty problem with my motherboard’s USB 3.0 hardware and simple functions I inserted into Illumos to help debug were not showing up in KMDB sessions.  I went searching the internet for a solution and found that the version change of the Open Indiana dev-il repository conflicted with package builds in the Illumos internal repository.  I reinstalled with Open Indiana 148 and the problem went away.

You can read the bug report here:

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